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Shuffleboard is super popular, so don't miss out! Reserve playing time on our custom built 16 Foot Shuffleboard table online. Playing the game is simple. The object of the game is to score more points than your opponent by either knocking their pucks off or by sliding your pucks past theirs, into a higher score zone. A typical game (partners or singles) is played to 15 points.

Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult at all times

Shuffleboard Rules


TABLE Our Shuffleboard table is located in its own area and is great for small groups of up to 8 people. We recommend booking online prior to arrival

ALL THE STUFF Pucks & powder are provided FREE all you need to do is buy your drinks



First to 15 Points

Shoot all eight pucks.

Only one colour can score per frame.

Count only the pucks closest to the end of the table that are the same colour.


If a player has more than one puck closer to the end of the table also count those pucks.


A puck must be completely inside the score zone to receive the points in that zone.



CHEAT FOOD When you're having fun you will definitely work up an appetite so why not treat yourself. We have a fantastic food menu that includes Loaded Waffle Fries, Dipped Baguettes & much more 

TAKE AWAY Dont want to queue at the takeaway all our food can be ordered as a takeaway

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(The pucks are 'not' thrown / bounced / bowled on the table, you place them on the table and slide them)

Player A begins by sliding one of his coloured pucks. Player B slides the other colour. Players then rotate shots until all eight pucks have been shot.


If a puck doesn't cross the foul line closest to the player shooting, it must be removed and the shot forfeited.

The team or player that scores in that frame must shoot first in the next frame.



COCKTAILS Fun and cocktails yes please. Try one of our fun cocktails and your guaranteed to be wanting more

TABLE SERVICE we deliver all our drinks straight to you, no queuing at the bar. We have a full bar service including Beers, spirts, softs & shakes.



NO CASH We are a cashless venue accepting card and phone payments

FUN FOR EVERYONE The Clubhouse is for everyone young and old! However some adults like to let their hair down, so to protect the kids the Clubhouse is strictly over 18's every Friday and Saturday night after 7 pm. Proof of age required on entry

MUSIC Different days, Different Music. See whats playing on our offers page



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