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Shuffleboard is super popular, don't miss out, Reserve playing time on our  custom built 16 Foot Shuffleboard table online. Playing the game is simple. The object of the game is to score more points than your opponent by either knocking his pucks off or by sliding your pucks past his into a higher score zone. A typical game (partners or singles) is played to 15 points.

Under 18's must be accompanied by an adult at all times

What to expect with corn hole

What to Expect

  • All the stuff – we provide the Pucks and Table

  • Bookings - We recommend online booking for the Shuffleboard, as we only have one table. You can fit upto 8 people comfortably in the shuffleboard area.

  • Rules - You may choose to play your own rules but to settle any arguments you can read the house rules here. 

  • Responsible behaviour - We ask you to respect all the equipment and table, it can be very expensive to replace shuffleboard equipment and any damage for misbehaviour will be charged

Corn Hole rules

House Rules

General Gameplay

A coin toss determines who shoots first and who gets the hammer.The winner normally takes the hammer and loser picks the colour of puck they will shoot.

(The pucks are 'not' thrown / bounced / bowled on the table, you place them on the table and slide them)

Player A begins by sliding one of his coloured pucks. Player B slides the other colour. Players then rotate shots until all eight pucks have been shot. If a puck doesn't cross the foul line closest to the player shooting, it must be removed and the shot forfeited.

After all eight pucks have been shot, the players determine who scored by counting only the pucks closest to the end of the table and are the same colour. If a player has more than one puck closer to the end of the table then his opponent may also count those pucks.
Remember, only one colour can sore per frame. A puck must be completely inside the score zone to receive the points in that zone.

The team or player that scores in that frame must shoot first in the next frame.

This process is repeated until one team or player reaches 15 points.

Corn hole photos


Corn hole at the clubhouse

Everyday at the Clubhouse

  • Fun For Everyone -  The Clubhouse is for everyone young and old! However some adults like to let their hair down, so to protect the kids the Clubhouse is strictly over 18's every Friday and Saturday night after 6 pm. 

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