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VIP World Cup Football
November & December

We like doing things differently and offer you experiences you can't get anywhere else. We will be showing all the England games at this years World Cup but with a difference. 


Atmosphere without the chaos! We're offering limited tickets for seats in our Games Room. Think Sofas, Table Service Food and Drink & 2 big screen projectors, this should be a fun party!  


Whats Happening

  • Live England Football  

  • Seated Viewing 

  • Tickets only

  • Table Service Food & Drinks

  • Friendly fun Environment

  • 18+ Only

Book Tickets online we will sell out quickly  


£5 Tickets

Included in your ticket price is your reserved seat plus get a Welcome can of Red Stripe when you arrive more than 45 mins before kick off.

Group Stages 

  • Monday 21st Nov 1pm 

  • Friday 25th Nov 7pm

  • Tuesday 29th Nov 7pm 

We will obviously win the World Cup so we will be releasing tickets for all the games as we progress;

  • Sunday 4th Dec 7pm

  • Sat 10th Dec 7pm 

  • Wed 14th Dec 7pm

  • Sun 18th Dec 3pm 

Event Times

  • 2 Hours before kick off  




We're going for a fun and friendly atmosphere, so will be limiting tickets to seating only.  


We have Sofas, Benches, Tables - make sure you book early to get the seat you want 


Food & Drinks

We have an amazing selection of food perfect to be washed down with a beer, order with your server and get it delivered direct to your seat. Don't miss a second.

Welcome Drink

We will give you a welcome Can of Red Stripe when you arrive more than 45 mins before kick off. Please don't moan at us if you stroll in at kick off, you wont get your welcome drink it is an early bird special 

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