Kenyan New Year

It is unlikely anywhere will be open for the customary count down and drunk kiss at 12 this year. 

But we still think we need to celebrate getting rid of 2020. Racking our brains we have come up with a Crazy idea that is going to take the world by storm,


Were going to celebrate The Kenyan New Year at 9pm


Same count down, Same party atmosphere, Same drunk kiss

but this time you will be wearing sandals at our kenyan fancy dress party and dancing to all the latest kenyan drum beats. 

The beauty of The Clubhouse is that we have loads of space perfect for social distancing. You can now create your own leaderboard on our scoring app so you can link different group’s scores together ( you still get to see who the best of the best is )

Below is the information if you are looking for a package deal but don't forget, we will still be open for regular bookings for Crazy golf, Table Tennis, Multitap Gaming lounge and Beer Pong 

Madagascar New Year Fancy Dress as animals


A package for an Unlimited amount of people while still Socially distance safe....


BIG gatherings wont be back any time soon, but BIG fun can be. Our package deals give you the great value of a group booking with the flexibility to book in a socially safe way. 

Some people want to play when its busy some when its quiet, in groups of 6 or by them selves. What ever the people in your group choose we will link your score cards, creating your own overall leaderboard.

You can still show your skills are the best in the office & rub it in on social media.

Std Package

18 holes of crazy golf, 1 drink per person from our drinks package menu, which includes a selection of exclusive cocktails!


Pro Package

18 holes of crazy golf, Clubhouse Visor, 3 drinks per person from our drinks package menu, which includes a selection of exclusive cocktails!


How it works

  • Book your package online

  • Receive your Package gift Cards via email

  • Distribute codes to recipients

  • Recipients book any time for Crazy Golf on our website selecting Package in the dropdown using their codes

Looking for something bespoke, outside of our current packages? Click Here

6 Person Party

Make the most of your night with one of our 6 person parties.

These parties are maximum fun for the maximum amount of people we can host, you can only book this package in groups of 6 people.

There are limited number of packages each day make the most of your stay and book today 

Golf, Table Tennis, Food

[5:30pm - 10pm]

  • 5:30 Arrival 

  • 6:00 Golf Tee Time

  • 7:00 - 10:00 Reserved Table Tennis / Beer Pong Table 

  • 7:30 - Food, 2x Slices Pizza per person

Golf, Food, Reserved Seating 

[6:00pm - 10pm]

  • 6:00 Arrival 

  • 6:30 Golf Tee Time

  • 7:30 - 10:00 Reserved 6 seater table 

  • 8:00 - Food, 2x Slices Pizza per person

Multitap Games Room 

Have you ever whooped your mates at FIFA on a 300 inch screen? No.

Book our Multitap Party area and you will have the chance 


Multitap Packages 

We’re keeping our computer gaming simple, our booths and party area times will be the same as they are now.

You will be able to order drinks and food direct to your booth.

Multitap gaming is only available with pre-bookings.

Covid Safety

We take Covid safety very seriously and have a number of measures in place to make your time with us as safe as possible. You can read our latest Covid announcement online here


We will also have some extra rules at Christmas:

  • Max Booking Size 6

  • Groups will need to remain at their reserved tables after golf

  • If you book multiple groups please note we will not accept mixing of groups

  • Refusal to stick to social distance rules will result in the entire party being asked to leave. No refunds given

  • Reduced capacity will mean only bookings are allowed in the venue


What happens if the venue is forced to close due to a local lockdown or Covid outbreak?

We will honour all bookings. In the event of a closure or an event unable to take place gift cards will be issued. This will allow bookings to be rescheduled at a convenient time after reopening.

If you or a member of your group is showing symptoms and has to self-isolate please let us know prior to arrival and we will issue a gift card for the people affected.