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Multitap Social Gaming lounge


We love computer gaming and believe it’s an experience that is at it’s best when shared with friends and family. So we’ve supercharged social gaming with our custom designed lounge to bring you an experience like no other in the area right now. 


The Clubhouse Social Gaming Lounge is where you can either play the most popular sports and role playing titles on a suite of current generation consoles or retro classics long since buried in the attic.

Grab a sofa with your friends and we’ll provide everything you need for a hardcore tournament rivalry or a friendly mess about (including the drinks and snacks to your booth!)

We also offer networked gaming across consoles so can cater for most party sizes and take care to create a safe and fun environment for groups and families alike.


We’ll never tell you to stop hogging the TV or taking over the living room so come and join us to get your gaming fix where we want you to turn up the volume!


We also host regular tournaments on featured games so if you think you belong on the podium come and put your skills against new challengers each week and prove your status as Stoke-on-Trent’s champion gamer.

What to expect at the multitap compute venue game lounge

What to Expect

  • Custom designed Gaming booths with 50” Tv

  • Every booth equipped with 1x modern console and 1x retro console

  • 1 - 5 players, per booth 

  • 1 - 4 Multiplayer Games

  • Table Service for drinks and snacks

  • We can link adjacent booths together if you need 2 or 3 tvs for your group

  • Library of Multiplayer games


Party Area  


  • Designed for 6 - 18 people 

  • 300 inch Projector screen & 2x 50 inch TV’s 

  • Console options include PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii, Sega Mega Drive, Nintendo GameCube, Playstation 1 

  • Table Service for drinks and snacks

Get involved


  • Booths: Book 1hr50 minute sessions. Link multiple sessions for more time.

  • Party Area: Book 3 Hour session for up to 12 people. 

  • Consoles: Booths contain 2 fixed consoles. Please book your booth based on your desired consoles

  • Games: We have picked our favourite games across a number of consoles with good availability across all genres please check out our full game list here. All games are on offer on a first come first served basis. *Multiple copies of games may not be available. 

  • Controllers: Credit Card required as a security deposit for all controllers. (Card will not be charged unless misuse causes damage to controllers)  



With upto 9 stations available we have the perfect venue for eSport tournaments. There is not just pride at stake in our highly competitive competitions but the title of Stoke’s Best for a range of multiplayer games. Follow us on social media for all the competition date announcements. Read more on our tournaments page

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Everyday Multitap 

  • Fun For Everyone -  The Clubhouse is for everyone young and old! However some adults like to let their hair down, so to protect the kids the Clubhouse is strictly over 18's every Friday and Saturday night after 6 pm. 

  • Parties - The clubhouse is a great venue for Kids or Adult parties and corporate events Contact us to find out about our great packages. 

  • Events - Through out the year we regularly hold different events follow us on social media to keep up to date with whats happening 

  • Music  - Different days, Different Music. Friday Nights, we go a little gangsta with classic Rap and R&B tracks. Saturday Nights, We party with a mix of dance, Indy and Rock tracks. Day Time, we play the best easy Rock and Pop in history. 

  • Drinks  - Milkshakes, Soft Drinks, Beers, Prosecco or Cocktails we keep it simple but delicious what ever your taste.

  • Cashless - The Future is here, we don't accept any cash. But don't worry we do take all major cards and mobile pay.