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Fathers Day 
Dad's Play FREE - June 16th

Dads are amazing, but they are also notoriously hard to buy gifts for. We wanted to make this years Fathers Day an easy no brainer for you. Dads play Crazy Golf for FREE* all day. This means you not only get to treat him to something fun and exciting but you will also get to make him feel great when you let him win... 


Whats Happening

  • Dad plays Crazy Golf FREE 

  • All our activities are open as well

  • Dad Rock Music all day Sunday 

  • A great selection of Beers, Softs and Shorts 


*  Dad's Play FREE, Father and Child must both be playing. It doesn't matter how old you or your dad is, you can book as a family mum dad and under 16 and dad will be free, or you could be 40 and bringing your dad. 


You need to book your Ticket online to claim your FREE Dad's ticket.

Event Date

  • Sunday 16th

Fathers Day.jpg



All day Sunday we will be playing dad rock music.


Our fresh juiced cocktail menu has some incredible manly cocktails, or if you prefer a short or beer we have plenty of them too.  



We're completely table service so you don't need to be queuing at the bar you can keep yourself topped up and order directly to your table.


Golf, Beer Pong and Shuffleboard will be open as normal but you don't need to play an activity to join us for drinks :-)

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