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Every month we host SUPERB Sunday our very own FIFA Tournament Day.

Golden Boot Tournament 3pm - 7pm

24 People - Knockout Format - Prize Money

  • Top Prize £50

  • £5 Per Person Entry 

  • Entry Cut off 24 Hours prior 


Host Your own Tournament Party

Just want to play with your mates? Don't worry we also offer a Private FIFA Tournament Party, for just £5 per person (Min 16 People). We provide the venue, Games, Controllers, Tv's, Tournament format & Leaderboard. 

You bring your mates to beat :-)

We can host Tournaments any day any time so please contact us to arrange your own party. 


You want to play a tournament with a different game? Not a problem if we dont have the game you can bring your own and play.

Computer game tournament format


  • Playstation 5 & 4

  • FIFA22

  • Single Player Knockout 

First round game match ups drawn from a hat prior to tournament 

  • Round Matches played in gaming booths

  • Finals Played on 300 inch Projector Screen

  • Winners announced on the day


Drinks & Snacks will be available to purchase for the duration of the tournament. You can order online and we will bring them to you. We will also organise a food break in the intermission so you can top up your energy levels with some of our amazing pizza.

Covid Safety

  • Entry's limited to 32 People 

  • 4 people per TV [You will be required to remain in your seat no swapping of seats]

  • Allocated 1 Controller Each [You can bring your own controller] 

  • Watching area marked off for social distancing

  • Finals & Semi Finals Played on 300 inch Projector Screen [Seats sanitised before and after use]


Our viewing area is great for any keen viewers to enjoy food and drink while being immersed in the fun. 

Our expert staff will record and share all the fun from the tournament so you get the glory you deserve. 

  • Tournament Tree

  • Top Scorers 

  • Winners 

  • Best Goals

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